Where’s Everybody Supposed to Go When they Bunt the Ball??

fastpitch softball bunt defense position coverages

Are you having trouble figuring out which infielders should cover the bunt, which ones should cover the bases and what the rest of your players are supposed to do? If so, you aren't alone. Defensive coverage can get pretty confusing when the other team has runners on base that might steal and the batter might hit or bunt, oh, and your pitcher can't really play defense.

Well the first of many new eClinics focusing on team defensive coverage is now available and this one's focused on all the details that go with Bunt Defense. Essential Bunt Defenses covers in detail 10 different bunt coverages from 4 different sets that are based on the type of fielders you might have and where the runners might be.

Actually see the coverages in action as the animation moves each player into position. This eClinic is GREAT for Players to learn where they should go when they're in certain sets or coverages, in addition to giving you the Strengths and Weaknesses of each coverage.

Learn how to pick the right bunt coverage for your team no matter how many runners are on base! Check out Essential Bunt Defenses and start slamming the door on their bunt game!

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