When Players Want to Play Another Position

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Outfielders often get bored with the outfield and think they should be playing the infield. So how do you handle it when one of your outfielders approaches you asking to play the infield?

Learn 3 reasons why you should let them.

The next time you have a player ask you to let them play another position, my suggestion is that you let them. But first, before any player can actually play a game at a position they first should have to earn it in practice. So, let your outfielders that want to play the infield take grounders in the infield. Challenge them on their glovework (both forehand and backhand), on their range and on their throwing skills. Get them to practice these skills within a practice scrimmage, and then if one of these outfielders is better than one of your current infielders you might want to give her a shot. I wouldn’t suggest that you start her at the new position, but if you find a time in the game when you could make a defensive switch, or substitution then as long as the player has earned it, then go ahead.

This does 3 things:

  1. It will make every work hard to keep their position by fighting for it in practice.
  2. It will possibly create more depth for you by having additional backup players in multiple positions.
  3. It creates respect within your team for those players playing positions that look easy in games but that can’t be taken away in practice.

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