What’s Your 75% Pitch?

pitcher 75 percent pitch throw strike

So you say you don’t know much about pitching, but you or one of your coaches is probably calling the pitches during the game.

If so, do you know which pitch your pitcher can throw for a strike 75% of the time, and how vital this pitch is for your team’s success?

For a pitcher to dominate hitters and be able to win on a consistent basis, she must establish a pitch that she can throw 75% of the time for a strike. Now for beginning pitchers this will be a fastball. Young pitchers will usually take a few years before they can throw their fastball for a strike 75% of the time. When I say strike, I’m not talking about the kind where the batter swings & misses. I’m talking about the called strike where the catcher calls the pitch, gives her glove as a target and the pitcher hits the target without the catcher moving her glove – I’m talking about that kind of strike!

Now for more advanced or experienced pitchers their 75% pitch will probably be their best pitch. Exactly which pitch that is will depend on the pitcher. One of the problem with advanced pitchers is they think they have to have a million different pitches and they don’t have anyone of them that they can throw more than 50% of the time for a strike. This creates a real problem for the pitcher as it makes it almost impossible for her to ever get ahead of the hitter – which means she struggles to ever get more strikes than balls on a batter.

To help your pitcher keep her walks down, not give up so many hits and basically win more games, help her establish as many 75% pitches as possible. There’s nothing wrong with having lots of pitches – but the more of them she can throw for a strike at least 75% of the time, the more successful she, and your team, will be!

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