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Watch the Best to Be the Best


If you have dreams of one day playing college softball or even playing in the Women’s College World Series then let your eyes help you get there!

Not all practice needs to be done with your body. In fact some of the best ways to get better are by improving your dreams – and you can start by watching softball on TV!

Watch the best softball players in the world play all summer long in the National Pro Fastpitch (NPF). Watch TONIGHT’s game on CBS Sports. Learn hitting from Lauren Chamberlain, Pitching from Cat Osterman and Hitting and Pitching from Lauren Hager.  Watch all your favorite players as they compete in the NPF. Tonight’s game is at 7:00 Eastern Time and pits the USSSA Pride against the Akron Racers. Don’t miss it! (check here for the CBS Channel finder).

Watch closely as the greatest players in the world play your position. Watch them hustle, compete, rebound from failure, support their teammates and more! They do the same things you do when you’re playing softball, chances are – they just do them better and faster! But just remember – the greatest players in the world were your age once.

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