Throwing: How to Get More Speed on Your Throws

Free Softball Instruction - throwing how to get more speed on your throws

Looking to get a little more speed and “pop” on your player’s throws? If so then a little push just might do the trick.

To help your players get a little more power and pop on their throws have them add a little “push” at the release point. As your players bring the ball into their release point, have them focus on giving a push forward with the back foot big toe and their throwing fingers.

Why the back foot big toe? By pushing forward with the back foot big toe it helps push their body forward onto their front (or stride) foot. This moving forward of the body is called weight transfer and is vital to helping players get more power. So by simply pushing on the big toe of the back foot during the release a player can help add more power to their throws.

Well, that is if they combine it with a push forward at the release point with the 1st two fingers of the players throwing hand. These 1st 2 fingers (the pointing finger and middle finger) are the strongest fingers on anyone’s hand so when they snap or push forward at release they really help shoot the ball out of the hand – adding a lot more power and pop to the throw!

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