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The Pitching and Hitting Summits, held every August in Tampa, are for College Coaches, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get all of the incredible information shared by the top coaches in the country.

Here’s how you can get the coaching knowledge, skills, drills and insight from the best of the best.

We know that not everyone can attend a Summit. And even if you can, you would want to go back and review what you learned.  Therefore, the Pitching and Hitting Summit Vaults provide you with what was presented at each Summit, as if you were actually there. Each session is filmed in high-quality video, and you get the downloadable/print ready speaker notes from each session (where applicable):


  • Hour-long presentations that go in-depth on the subject presented


  • 20-minute deep-dive on a specific topic


  • Learn from the experts as they share their experiences, thoughts and insights
  • Topics discussed are relevant to you and today’s game

We offer the following Summit Vault Products:

  • Pitching Summit Vault
  • Hitting Summit Vault
  • Combo Summit Vault (Pitching & Hitting Summit – best value)

We also offer two great pricing plans to meet any budget:

As Summits are added to a Summit Vault, they will be added to your Summit Vault membership – free of charge – as long as you are a Summit Vault Member.

The list of Summit Vault speakers is long and notable, but here are a few of the outstanding speakers you won’t be able to get enough of:

Pitching Summit:

  • Lonni Alameda, Florida State University, 2018 National Champs
  • Jen Rocha, University of Oklahoma, 2019 Speaker, National Champion
  • Melyssa Lombardi, University of Oklahoma, National Champion
  • Mike White, University of Oregon
  • Beth Torina, LSU

Hitting Summit:

  • Mike Candrea, University of Arizona, National Champion
  • Carol Hutchins, University of Michigan, National Champion
  • Tim Walton, University of Florida, National Champion
  • Karen Weekly, University of Tennessee
  • Diane Miller, University of Nebraska

The Pitching and Hitting Summit Vaults – take you place at the table and get the information that can help take your team from good to great!

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