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The Impact of Phone Time on Your Players

We all love our phones, but you might be surprised how they impact your players. Discover the positive and negative impact of our phones. Phones are miniature computers that most of us can’t live without. They really are amazing when you consider that the average...


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My Lessons from Writing 300 Issues of the Insider

Happy Birthday to the Softball Excellence Insider Newsletter – this is our 300th Issue! Writing 300 issues has taught me a lot. Discover what it can teach you. 300 of anything is a lot. When you’re talking 300 issues of our Softball Excellence Insider newsletter,...


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Are Swing Mechanics Overrated?

Since Halloween is coming here’s my scary statement - I think we focus too much on mechanics. Now read on and see if you agree with me. When it comes to hitting, I think we make a HUGE mistake when we focus too...


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