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My Lessons from Writing 300 Issues of the Insider

Happy Birthday to the Softball Excellence Insider Newsletter – this is our 300th Issue! Writing 300 issues has taught me a lot. Discover what it can teach you. 300 of anything is a lot. When you’re talking 300 issues of our Softball Excellence Insider newsletter,...


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Bristow Returns to College Coaching

In the summer of huge coaching moves, Cindy Bristow, co-founder of Softball Excellence, will become the Pitching Coach for the University of California – Riverside, starting October 5th. “Family was an import factor in my decision to make this change. Riverside...


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Catching – Framing

To help your catchers improve their framing have them work on catching the "outside" part of the ball. Start them with their glove off and just working on hand position to the ball from a short distance using easy tosses...


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