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2 Keys to Improve Your Slapper

Learn two critical slapping keys that one of the best slapping coaches in the country recently shared with me. Having slappers in your lineup can wreak havoc with the defense, but only if those slappers can put the ball in play,...


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Pitching – Technique

[caption id="attachment_76" align="align right" width="250"] 2008 Softball Australia Friendship Games - Gold Pitcher[/caption] I've just discovered that a lot of young pitchers (12-17 yr olds) leap as a result of leaning their chest or head too far forward too far into...


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Hitting & Pitching Posture

If your body was a stick, keep the stick straight up and down when you're hitting - or when you're releasing the ball as a pitcher. This concept of a player's body actually being a stick helps them visualize how...


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