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My Lessons from Writing 300 Issues of the Insider

Happy Birthday to the Softball Excellence Insider Newsletter – this is our 300th Issue! Writing 300 issues has taught me a lot. Discover what it can teach you. 300 of anything is a lot. When you’re talking 300 issues of our Softball Excellence Insider newsletter,...


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The Dangers of Cheering

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate cheering, I just know it’s hidden dangers. I’m not saying don’t cheer, but you better know it’s side effects when you do. I know that cheering is as much a part of softball as gloves and bats, and...


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3 Ways to Win the Close Ones

Even with incredible pitching, tight games will come down to a single play resulting in the difference of a single run. Is your defense ready? Check out 3 ways to improve your defense and win more close games. When your defense boots...


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