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The Danger of Likes

Can the number of “likes” actually be harmful? Discover the dangers that lie within our “likes”. The internet has drastically changed the meaning of some words. Take the word “like” for instance. It’s defined by Webster Dictionary as “to feel attraction toward”, as in I...


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The Dangers of Cheering

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate cheering, I just know it’s hidden dangers. I’m not saying don’t cheer, but you better know it’s side effects when you do. I know that cheering is as much a part of softball as gloves and bats, and...


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Avoid the Danger of the Yesbots

In today’s softball Yesbots are everywhere, and while they’re prevalent, they aren’t helpful. If your team is filled with yesbots trouble could be looming. We’re in an era of coaches asking questions that they don’t mean as questions, and players learning to respond with a head...


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