Defensive Strategy: Batters Box Observation

Coach Strategy

Next time your team is on defense notice where the batter is standing in the batter's box. If the batter is in the front of the box (close to the pitcher) it makes it very hard for her to hit the ball close either foul line in the infield - so play your 3rd and 1st basemen off the baseline a few steps. If the batter is in the back of the box then it's much easier for her to hit a ball close to either foul line to have your 1st and 3rd basemen move toward the line a few steps. Also - if your pitcher is fast then the batter's won't be as able to pull the ball and will more likely be late on their swings, so move your corner infielder (either 1st or 3rd base) off the line on the pull side, and move the other corner infielder toward the line on the late side.

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