Are you or your players often struggling when the pressure’s on and it’s a tough situation? Or do you sometimes find your mind wandering off during the game? If YES, then something or someone is Stealing Your Thoughts. While it sounds crazy something like the score, or the crowd, a loud teammate, the other team’s dugout, an umpires bad call, your own coach – any or all of these can take your mind off of what you need to concentrate on in order to be good at what you’re trying to do – so these things have then “stolen your thoughts”. You’re now thinking about any of these things (which are negative) instead of filling your brain with positive helpful thoughts. It isn’t always things or people outside of us that steal our thoughts, we can steal our own thoughts. I know that sounds crazy but have you ever gotten down on yourself after a bad play? Or gotten tired, or started daydreaming? These are all examples of us stealing our own thoughts, which seems like something we really don’t want to do when we’re trying to be successful playing or coaching softball. So, the next time you find yourself thinking about something that won’t make your next play better – remember that something or someone has just stolen your thoughts. So quickly take a break, get your mind back and go out and be successful!

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