rundowns tips improve follow thrown sprint ball practice dart throw fake

Rundowns occur at different times throughout the season and our teams could really benefit from being better at them. Here are a few tips on how to improve your Rundows:

  • Always follow your throw (instead of backpeddling to where you came from)
  • Make rundowns easier by having the 1st person with the ball SPRINT at the runner instead of just jogging at her. This will force the runner to turn her back to the person with the ball and make it easier for a quick flip throw forward to get the runner out.
  • If you have sprinted toward the runner and her back is turned to the ball, then a fake won’t work (since the runner isn’t looking at the ball anymore). In fact, the fake will only fake out your defensive teammate.
  • Warm ups are a great time to practice rundown tosses which should only be done from like a dart throw from the elbow down, and not like a regular throw (which is too hard at such a close distance). Remember that rundown throws, while close, happen on the run and our players don’t usually practice throwing on the run so use about 1-2 minutes each practice during warm ups to work on this skill.

For more help with Rundowns as well as 1st and 3rd play, out eClinic Stop the Madness – Defending 1st & 3rd Plays & Steals.

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