Pitching: Stride & Target Location

Fastpitch Softball pitching tips on stride and target location


Need a Longer Stride? – try having your pitcher pitch from a baseball mound. If one isn’t available then build a slightly raised platform that’s about 4-8 inches high on one end and that goes to ground level on the other. Having your pitcher pitch from a raised and angled platform forces her body to move downward during her stride which will help her feel the power created by the body moving forward on a long and powerful stride.

Target location

Target location to pitchers – Does the catcher’s glove represent the ultimate destination for a pitch (to your pitcher), or is the glove the point at which her moving pitches break? An important question for a pitcher to know about herself and for her catcher to know about her. A word of caution if you use the glove as the point where the ball breaks – you’re going to lose a lot of calls as your glove signifies to the pitcher the ball break which means you’re going to have to then move the glove to catch the ball – umpires that see catcher’s moving their gloves to catch pitches tend to assume those pitches are out of the strike zone and as a result, call those pitches “balls”.

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