Olympic Highlight - 4 Timers

Fastpitch Softball Olympic 4 timer Laura Berg

Most people grow up watching the Olympics on tv and imagining themselves standing on the medal stand hearing the national anthem play while they receive their medal, but very few of us ever get that chance. Every 4 years only 15 fortunate and extremely talented softball players from only 8 nations get to represent their country. Most of those 15 are first-time Olympians, a few are repeat Olympians, but only a very, very rare breed will be what we call 4-timers - those players who will be competing in their 4th Olympic Games in 2008 in Beijing.

In the next 2 issues I'll feature two of these amazing softball players that truly are a very rare breed! Today we'll be looking at 4-time US Olympic Softball Player Laura Berg. Berg is the only 4-time Olympian on the US Softball Team which means that Laura Berg will be playing for her 4th Gold Medal in Beijing and if the USA wins, she will be the ONLY softball player in the entire world with 4 Olympic Gold Medals! And if softball does not get back into the Olympics, Laura Berg could be the only 4-time gold medalist ever in softball history!

Here are a few other details about this amazing outfielder:

  • She scored the winning run in the 1996 Olympic Gold Medal Game
  • She has a twin sister - Randi - who is also an outstanding softball player
  • She's a 4 time World Champion
  • She was a member of Fresno State Women's College World Series winning team in 1998
  • She's considered one of the best outfielders in the world

To learn how to help improve your outfielders and possibly transform them into the next Laura Berg, check out our DVD, The Fundamentals of Outfield Play - by Leah O'Brien-Amico, another USA Olympic Gold-Medal winning outfielder.

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