Defense: Infield System for Groundballs

Fastpitch Softball Infield System for handling groundballs If you’re looking for a great way to help your infielders know when they should try for that out at 2nd base and when they should throw to first, then consider numbering groundballs. Bill Edwards, former Head Softball Coach at Hofstra University came up with this terrific idea of numbering groundballs:
  1. = a slowly hit grounder
  2. = a routine grounder
  3. = a rocket/shot
This system then allows your infielders to know that on 1’s they won’t be able to get the lead runner at 2nd base, won’t be able to turn a doubleplay and probably won’t get the slapper out at 1st base. On 2’s it’s probable they will get the lead out at 2nd base, turn a doubleplay and get the slapper out at 1st base. And on 3’s getting the lead out at 2nd, turning a doubleplay and getting the slapper out at 1st are all very likely. It’s a very simple concept that really works great!

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  1. Cindy Bristow

    Definitely something you work with in practice so that your players can eventually in games, know where the play is based on the speed of the ball – which is based on the number systems.

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