Infield Drill to Handle Speed Teams

If you’re playing that super-fast team and looking to speed up your infielders, I’ve got just the drill for you.

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Check out a great way to help your infielders get faster without rushing.

Anybody who’s ever played a fast team knows how difficult it is for your infielders to field and throw quicker without rushing into complete chaos. You definitely want your team to have practiced this faster pace before they get on the field to line up against those speedsters.

If you’re struggling with a creative way to do so, then try this Double Base-Ball drill:

double base ball drill speed team close base
  • In addition to your regular bases, place a set of throw-down bases about 15 feet in front of each base (except home).
  • Have a coach with a bat and a bucket of baseballs and a bucket of softballs at homeplate.
  • Have your infielders position themselves in their normal infield positions around the infield – beginning at the closest set of bases.
  • The coach uses the baseballs to hits groundballs at the closer bases, having the infield make their standard plays; throws to 1, double plays, forces at 2nd
  • After 5-6 plays at the closer distance with the baseballs, the infielders quickly move back to the regular bases. The coach switches to softballs and the drill continues.
double base ball infield drill close normal base speed teams

The great thing about this drill is how the smaller baseballs force your players to make sure they have a good grip on the ball before throwing it. On quick plays, players often throw before they’ve actually gripped the ball, resulting in bad throws & chaos.

This drill will help your players be quicker without rushing.

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