Hitting – Moving Hands Forward

simple To help your hitters move their hands forward sooner in the swing instead of starting their swing almost behind them, have them think of their swing as a fan. Tell them the fan needs to open up in front of their body instead of behind them.

3 comments on “Hitting – Moving Hands Forward

  1. Katie Staudenmaier

    Like a fold-out fan? I’d like to understand this viewpoint. I’ve come up with silly terms that have worked, but they don’t always click with all batters…so the more the merrier. I’ve used ‘Elbow over the mountains’ (chest), Don’t get stuck behind the mountain, Back elbow to the front, Let the Back elbow join the party (out front), Now I don’t see hands, NOW I do..magic quick. From A to B: A-frame (unseen)…to Bat-Barrell-Ball (seen [out front] ). Etc etc. Seems even goofier writing it, but it’s worked great for some. Anyway, I’m very curious and confused about this fan thing..perhaps it’s similar to the Frisbee concept? Idk lol…

  2. Cindy Bristow

    As you’ve discovered, one phrase or word won’t work for every player you coach, so the magic is discovering how to reach each one of your players! Great job Katie!

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