We lost the championship two weeks ago to a team that was below average in all aspects of the game. We were heavy favorites but they hung with us till the 10th inning and we made two glaring errors and they scored to beat us 2-1. What can we do better in the future?

Try to avoid at all costs getting to extra innings. Be more aggressive strategically, in the future to try and either win or lose the game in regulation. This is the philosophy that any US national team employs against the...


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In the course of getting our girls some team instruction, we have a dilemma. The coach and I have just been told that the normal cutoff person for a ball hit to left field and runner on 2nd is the 3rd baseman and the SS covers 3rd. We (and the girls) have always heard that the SS is cutoff, and 3rd will cover her base. Is there a right in this?

In regards to who serves as the cutoff for a ball hit into left field, with 1 exception that we'll talk about in a second, it's usually faster for the SS to be the cutoff. That's because the SS will...


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In travel ball, I loved to coach a 1 run game, I knew I had the horses to win if we played for 1 run, I can’t seem to bring that philosophy to high school ball. I have always had great athletes on my teams and now I’m frustrated because I’m not getting the results I’m looking for. Any suggestions?

There's a huge difference between the amount of talent on a travel ball vs a high school team - plus the desire level is different since all the travel ball players are there because they love softball and that's not...


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