This question is regarding when the HANDS extend toward the ball during execution of the swing. Her hitting coach is teaching her the hands move BEFORE the shoulders rotate so the hands lead shoulder rotation. Her select coach is telling her that the hands AND shoulder rotate TOGETHER until the upper body has partially rotated THEN throw her hands towards and inside the ball. We’re confused … which is it?

In regards to the hands moving vs. the shoulders - the worst thing a hitter can do is to think about moving their shoulders. Hands are crucial to hitters as they hold the bat, and for younger aged players to...


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My daughter plays select (tournament team) ball and goes to a hitting coach. We’re confused and have two questions. Our questions are regarding the instruction she is receiving regarding hitting. First: Her hitting coach tells her to keep her hands over or behind the back of her back shoulder, at the top of the strike zone with the bat 45 degrees up and 45 degrees back. Her select coach tells her to keep her hands by her back ear, hands at the top of the strike zone and the bat flat pointing behind her (not toward the pitcher or catcher). We’re confused … which is it???

Regarding where her bat should be and how it should be pointed - her hands will be MUCH faster if she keeps them near her back shoulder (not behind it) - that goes for whether there's a bat in it...


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