Front Toss vs Side Toss

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Have you ever wondered what the difference is between front toss and side toss?

If so, you’ve come to the right place for the answer!

To tell you the truth, front toss is really just a better version of soft toss. In soft toss, the tosser is to the side of the hitter tossing either up and down or in a straight line toss. While this does help the hitter get swings, it isn’t very game–like, since pitches don’t come from the side – they come from the front. And, they aren’t looped – they’re straight.

So, front toss is basically soft toss from in front of the hitter with the tosser behind a screen (if you don’t have a screen use whiffle balls). The tosses are straight (versus looped) and don’t have to be real fast. You can start at medium speed and work up in speed as your hitters get better.

When you’re front tossing you’ll be between 6 and 10 feet in front of the hitter either standing and tossing underhand or sitting on a bucket and tossing underhand.

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