Offensive Strategy: Ground Ball Go Play

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The next time you get a runner on 3rd base with average to good speed, and you have an average hitter up, try the Ground Ball Go play (often called the Angle-Down). What you want your batter to do is hit a ground ball in the infield. As soon as the runner sees it's a groundball, she's breaking for home. She doesn't need to worry about whether the grounder is hit to shortstop or 3rd base or 2nd - she just breaks as soon as the groundball is hit. The idea is to surprise the defense so they either don't make a throw to the plate, or else they throw it too late. Either way, most of the time you’re going to catch the defense by surprise and score a run on a simple groundball!

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  1. Mao

    Some teams bring their infielders in a few steps to cut the runner down at home in close games. I’m assuming your strategy here is probably best used early in the game or whenever the infield is not cutting off the run at home.

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