What’s the best footwork for catcher’s to use on their throws to 2nd?

While there are 3 different footwork options available to catchers – (1) the pivot (or jump), stride and throw (2) the replacement, turn and throw, (3) and the area step and throw – most will use the pivot and throw and some will use the area step and throw. I don’t know many at all that use the replacement step and throw. Johnny Bench did, but then he was unique in a lot of ways. The problem with this footwork is that it’s very hard for most catchers to keep their power going toward their target while their feet are going sideways. So, I’d suggest you introduce your catcher to all three footwork techniques and let them choose the method that’s the fastest and most comfortable for them. Note – you can see an example of all three types of footwork on my Catching presentation in one of the eClinics or else in the Free Stuff area on this site.