This question is regarding when the HANDS extend toward the ball during execution of the swing. Her hitting coach is teaching her the hands move BEFORE the shoulders rotate so the hands lead shoulder rotation. Her select coach is telling her that the hands AND shoulder rotate TOGETHER until the upper body has partially rotated THEN throw her hands towards and inside the ball. We’re confused … which is it?

In regards to the hands moving vs. the shoulders – the worst thing a hitter can do is to think about moving their shoulders. Hands are crucial to hitters as they hold the bat, and for younger aged players to be focused on shoulders instead of hands will make hitting close to impossible. All good hitters focus on hands, and move hands toward the ball as the front heel has planted and the weight shifts forward into the swing. The hands stay between the hitter and the ball (called inside the pitch) – and the arms DO NOT EXTEND until after contact is made. Arms extend in the follow through or else the players swing is too long and too slow with no inside plate coverage.