In travel ball, I loved to coach a 1 run game, I knew I had the horses to win if we played for 1 run, I can’t seem to bring that philosophy to high school ball. I have always had great athletes on my teams and now I’m frustrated because I’m not getting the results I’m looking for. Any suggestions?

There’s a huge difference between the amount of talent on a travel ball vs a high school team – plus the desire level is different since all the travel ball players are there because they love softball and that’s not the case with school ball. So, coach who you have and know that your high school team isn’t playing again travel ball teams. All the school ball coaches have the same problems so put your best players in the key positions, teach everyone to bunt really well, and to throw and catch better than other teams and you’re going to win a lot of your games. Coach the team you have right now and not the team you wish you had! What if your players were playing for a coach they wish they had too – then what? Deal with what you have and don’t just make the best of it – work to make it good!