How many pitchers should our 10 and Under team have?

Be careful with overuse in young kids whether they’re boys or girls and whether they’re 10 or 20. You’re on the right track in thinking you should have a pool of pitchers instead of 1 or 2. Most teams will get greedy with a good pitcher and pitch her in all the big games and as often as possible instead of risking it with any of the “other” pitchers. I tend to believe there isn’t much difference between baseball and softball when it comes to pitching – that doing a very violent, ballistic motion over and over thousands of times is not all that healthy for the joint, and that rest, ice and limiting the amount of reps is the best thing we can do. But, I’m looked at like a witch doctor when I saw things like this. Fortunately for me, I did pitch and have coached and been in this game for over 20 years so I can say it and people will at least consider it. The best advice I can give you is to use your common sense, fastpitch pitching is not that different of a sport or skill – we all would just like to think it is!