Here’s the dilemma you’re in – most pitcher’s really limit their follow through on most pitches (especially the rise) as that helps them get a more violent release causing greater spin and movement. OK, that being said, most of these pitchers AREN’T 13. I think it’s important to remember that your daughter’s as good as her arm is healthy. As a result, she will get the best snap, spin and therefore movement on her rise if she limits her follow-through (without limiting her hand speed prior to release). But, I recommend that she not practice her rise more than 30% of her total practice time each day. Only when she gets older and stronger can she increase that amount. For instance, if she practices for an hour – she’d only practice her rise for no longer than 20 minutes and it’s one easy motion and not the violent movement required for pitching a ball that’s bigger and heavier than a baseball.