How Exaggeration Improves Your Pitcher’s Feel

Could your pitchers benefit from more leg drive? Then check out this simple exaggeration drill.

This exaggeration drill is a great way for your pitchers to feel their leg drive.

To improve behavior, we’ve got to help our players more deeply feel the solution, and exaggeration is the best way I’ve found to do that. To better understand what I mean, let’s look at a way to improve your pitchers using their legs by using an angled wooden pitching ramp.

exaggeration drill pitcher pitching improve feel

Have your pitcher stand on the raised edge of the ramp and go through her pitch, full speed. The angle of the box will exaggerate your pitcher’s body lean and leg drive and help her really feel how much she needs to use her legs.

Once she’s thrown 4-5 pitches on the edge of the pitching ramp have her stand on flat ground and try to get the same leg drive off the ground.

Exaggeration is a terrific way to help your pitchers feel anything from leg drive, to hand speed, to keeping their front side strong.

If you’re not feeling creative or capable of building your own pitching ramp, don’t worry, our Pitching Pod will do the same thing, as will our 14” Training Ball and 7” Zip Balls ®.

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