Coaching Certification Up Close – Level 4

Fastpitch Softball Coaching Level 4 Certification Training

Let's continue looking into our 7 Level Coaching Certification Program by more closely examining Level 4. As with every level in this program, Level 4 is packed with fantastic information - and to see if this level is the one for you or your players then read on.

In this article we're going to look inside Level 4 which is targeted toward intermediate level coaches. This Level includes a 62 minute online training program as well as 30+ pages of downloadable notes.

Within the 9 Skill Modules of Level 4 you'll find the following information:

Communication The 3 Styles of Learning
(understand the different ways your players learn and how to maximize their learning)
Throwing Throwing on the Run
(How to make throws while moving fast or running)
Infield Double Plays
(footwork for both 2nd Base and Shortstops)
Outfield Balls in the Sun and Against the Fence
(Keys for making tough catches in the sun and against a fence)
Hitting Pitch Selection and Timing
(How to teach pitch selection to your hitters and tips on timing pitches)
Pitching The Change Up
(Learn the grips and basics for pitching the changeup)
Catching Giving Signals
(Tips for giving signals including hiding from opposition, helping pitchers see signals, common pitch signals and signal timing)
Bunting The Squeeze Bunt
(Learn the key elements to execute the Squeeze Bunt)
Baserunning Baserunning Rules and Dive Backs
(Learn the key baserunning rules to know when to tagup, lead off and go and how to teach players to dive back to a base on pickoffs)
Strategy Rundowns
(Methods for teaching rundowns including creating throwing lanes, pinching, fake throws, fills and backing up)
Practice Adding Competition
(Learn to add competition to practice to help your players succeed more often in games)

To learn all this great information and take advantage of our the great information in Level 4, check out our:

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