Coaching Certification Up Close – Level 3

Fastpitch Softball Coaching Level 3 Certification Training

Let's continue looking into our 7 Level Coaching Certification Program by more closely examining Level 3. As with every level in this program, Level 3 is packed with fantastic information  and to see if this level is the one for you or your players then read on.

In this article we're going to look inside Level 3 which is targeted toward Intermediate coaches. Level 3 includes 24 pages of downloadable notes, a 30 question on-line test following the program, and a 75 minute online training program.

Within the 9 Skill Modules of Level 3 you'll find the following information:

Communication Working with Parents
Throwing Feeds Around Bases
(How to make forehand, backhand and kneel & pivot feeds to players around bases)
Infield Covering a Base
Outfield Fielding Groundballs
(Keys for infielders to cover bases on force ; tag plays and for outfielders to field groundballs with and without the game on the line)
Hitting Creating Power
(How to help your players create more power in their swing)
Pitching Increasing Speed
(The key elements your pitchers need in order to increase their speed)
Catching Throws on Steals
(The details your catchers need for throwing to bases including receiving position, footwork, hand path, & increasing quickness)
Bunting The Basehit Bunt
(Learn how to execute the righthanded basehit bunt, which is also a called the dragbunt from the left side)
Baserunning Sliding
(Keys for properly executing the feetfirst, headfirst, popup and hand hook slide)
Strategy Rundowns
(Keys for successfully executing a rundown including the throwing lane, the pinch and the toss)
Practice Making Daily Adjustments
(Learn how the 1% and the 100% rule can help your team get better every single practice)

To learn all this great information and take advantage of our the great information in Level 3, check out our:

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