A Change of Angle Curveball Drill

Do you have a pitcher struggling with her curveball? If you’ve tried everything, then this simple change of angle drill just might do the trick.

Your pitcher works hard to make her curveball work and yet she struggles getting it to break. Discover how simply changing the catcher’s position could be the curveball solution she’s been looking for.

standard catching position curveball target pitching pitcher break twist

Your pitcher’s curveball doesn’t break and you’ve tried everything. Sometimes simply changing the catcher’s positioning can be enough to help your pitcher see the break in her mind, and then create the break in her pitch.

Let’s take a look at what I’m talking about. The typical catching position is directly behind home plate making the catcher have to twist her curveball toward an imaginary target (Standard Catching Position picture to the right).

Instead, help your pitcher by moving your catcher over to where the pitch should end up, and angle her more toward the plate (as shown in the Curveball Change of Position picture to the right).

Simply changing the catchers position can be what it takes to help improve your pitcher’s curveball.

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