A World Series Shortstop Drill

A play that is seared in my mind is in the 2008 World Series, Tampa Bay Rays shortstop Jason Bartlett made an unbelievable play fielding the ball beyond 2nd base, and while moving toward centerfield he threw the Phillies runner...


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Great Throwing Drill for All Ages

Teaching Throwing is hard – particularly if you’re coaching younger players. Bringing the ball backward and forward can get all messed up so make sure you know how the Big Ball Drill can help. There isn’t another skill in softball that’s as hard...


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7 Levels of Excellence

Softball Excellence has an exciting 7 Level Coaching Certification program that is the first of it's kind for Softball! No other softball organization in the country can claim a comprehensive 7 Level program that educates coaches in 9 different skill...


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