Catcher – Foul Balls

catch catcher foul ball direction

Have you ever stood in the dugout excited that your pitcher was able to get their best hitter to pop up a ball foul, behind home plate, only to watch your catcher turn the wrong way, do a few circles and then watch the ball drop to the ground? Well if this sounds familiar here's a good way to help your catchers figure out which way to turn on those foul balls. Where ever the ball was when it was fouled off is the direction your catcher should turn to find the ball behind her. So for instance, if the ball was inside to a right handed hitter (which means it was on the left side of the catcher) she should turn left when going around to find the ball. Likewise, if the ball was outside to a right hander (on the right side of the catcher) then she should turn right when going back to find the ball. Any pitch that's down the middle when it's fouled back let the catcher turn in the direction that's easiest for her, but remind her to look directly up and behind for the ball. While there will be a few exceptions to this foul ball rule, it will help your catcher find 95% of foul balls quickly and easily.

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