A Bucket Drill to Improve Your Drop

Does your pitcher’s drop tend to hang, and get crushed? If so, then you’re in the market for a new way to improve the drop – so check out how a bucket just might improve your pitcher’s drop.

Drops are great pitches, when they work. But too often, they flatten out and when that happens, it’s bad news. Discover a simple way to help your pitchers practice getting UP in order to throw Down.

An important element in throwing different pitches that pitchers often overlook is the need for the pitcher’s body to move in the opposite direction of the pitch. This is particularly true when it comes to Riseballs and Drops. For Riseballs that go up, pitchers need to get lower, or go down. The opposite is true for the drop. For pitches that go down, pitchers need to go up.

This can be a rather confusing concept and one I’ve seen more than one pitcher really mess up. Over the years I’ve learned to exaggerate a certain movement in order to help your players really “feel” that movement.

Take the drop for instance. When throwing this pitch, it helps if the pitcher gets UP on the toes of her front foot in order to help push the ball down. Simply telling a pitcher to do this isn’t enough. They’ll try it and get all kinds of messed up, so it’s up to us as the teacher/coach to help our pitchers better “feel” this upward movement while pitching down.

Bucket Drill to Improve the Drop Ball Pitch

So a great way for your pitchers to really exaggerate the UP movement when throwing the drop is to use a regular bucket. Either stand on the lid or if no lid, turn it upside down. The bucket is about 15 feet from a fence or another bucket and the pitcher will start on the ground with her stride foot placed on the bucket as shown in #1. She starts pitching the drop and simply stands up on her stride foot as she pitches (#2 – #6).

Have her try to hit where the fence and the ground meet with her pitch. She wants to push her hand Down as she raises her body Up!

It will take her a couple tries to figure it out, so let her. Avoid figuring it out for her. She’ll get it and when she does it will make it much easier for her to “feel” how her body goes UP to help her pitch go Down!

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