Are YOU a Better Coach Than You Were Last Season?


Wow – what a question! It kind of hits you head on & yet it’s a question we usually ask ourselves about each of our players. But now it’s your turn – learn how a tough question will make all the difference in your season!

With the softball season just around the corner it’s time to take inventory of our equipment, our players AND of ourselves. Discover the best question you can ever ask yourself.

Starting a new season is always exciting. Coming out of the cold, dark winter softball season represents so much anticipation, hope, & dreams, and yet we often continue doing exactly what we did last season – possibly from the season we hope we never have again.

So, how can we change that? What can we do as coaches to ensure we have a better, more enjoyable season this season than last? The enjoyment I’m talking about isn’t so much in terms of wins, but rather in terms of overall fulfillment and enjoyment – reaching more players, seeing more kids improve, and watching your players come together as a team. These are the things that we all strive for as coaches, and these are the building blocks to every great team!

We immediately think the answer to a better season lies in finding better players, or hoping returning players come back better than they were last season – but those are pretty much out of our control. Those are things our players need to do. We all expect our players to do more, to get better, faster, stronger, or more accurate – whatever. But what about US; what have YOU done as a coach to make sure that you’re a better coach this season than you were last year?

Sounds logical, even reasonable, but HOW exactly are you supposed to improve in your off-season? Let’s look at a list of areas that are in YOUR control as a coach, to improve on – things that will ensure you’re a better version of yourself when this season starts back up:

  • Do You Know More About:
    • Skills
    • Strategy
    • Teaching Methods
    • Organization
    • Age Group Specific Information
    • Team Culture & Chemistry
  • Are You Kinder in the “People Issues”:
    • Handling their Fears
    • Understanding their Vulnerabilities
    • Appreciating their Confusions
    • Relating to their Pressures

Don’t panic – if you read through that list and said NO to any of the questions there’s still time – we’ve got you covered! We can help you in each of these areas – just check out the links at the end of this article to quickly get your knowledge base caught up!

That list is a great start for the off-season, or to catch yourself up as the season approaches – but when the season finally arrives, there’s one question you can ask yourself, every day that will ensure you’ve done everything in your control to help your team get better.

That magic question is:

“Would I Want to be Coached by Me Today?”


It’s simple and to-the-point. Based on how you interacted with your players, how patient you were how well you challenged and taught – would you have wanted to be coached by you today?

If you want a better season this year than you had last, then head into the season an improved version of you, and ask yourself daily if you’d want to have been coached by you today.

Good luck this season – and Thank You for Coaching!

Here’s how you can quickly make sure you’re better this season than you were last:

Do You Know More About:

Are You Kinder in the “People Issues”:

  • Handling their Fears
  • Understanding their Vulnerabilities
  • Appreciating their Confusions
  • Relating to their Pressures
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