Baserunning Buddies to Help Communication & Trust

Here’s a great drill to help your players learn to talk and trust each other.

Trust, talk and run bases all in one drill.

baserunning buddies drill communication trust

Split your team up into pairs and have them all start at homeplate. Each pair will run the bases from home to home, with one partner facing backwards and the other facing forward. The backward facing partner will go first as she’s the one actually running the bases, her forward facing partner will be her eyes – telling her when to step up on the base, when to turn toward the next base, and when to slow down to avoid other runners.

Keep in mind that simple doesn’t mean easy, so while this drill isn’t very complicated, it’s by no means easy. The backwards-facing partner will have to really trust her teammate while the forward-facing partner must be loud, constant and trustworthy.

These are qualities that each of your players will need in spades for your team to have a great year!

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