Bang the Bucket – Throwing Drill

Do you feel like your team practices throwing all the time only to lose games because they can’t throw? Discover how this Bang the Bucket Drill will reinforce accuracy instead of simply release.

Throwing a ball involves more than simply releasing a ball – it means your teammate can successfully make a play on her end. Discover how 2 buckets can make throwing accuracy challenging and fun. bang bucket setup throwing drill competitive fun adjustment challenging player coach accuracy

This simple drill is an extremely effective way to help your players see how accurate they are in a competitive setting. Here’s how it works:

  • Split your team up into 2 groups, one goes to shortstop area and the other to 2nd base area. Everyone has their glove on.
  • 1 coach is at home with a bat and a bucket of balls.
  • Directly on homeplate are 2 buckets, one placed on top of the other.

Once you’ve got everyone in place and your 2 buckets placed on top of each other on homeplate, you’re ready to start the drill.

The coach will alternate hitting groundballs between LINE 1 (P1) and LINE 2 (P2). The player in the front of the line will field the ball, and throw it home – trying to knock down the buckets – or, Bang the Bucket. Each line competes against the other and here’s how the points work:

  • Knock the top bucket off = +2 points
  • Hit any part of either bucket = +1 point
  • Miss the buckets = 0 points
bang bucket drill setup throwing accuracy coach drill player

Your players will get immediate feedback on the accuracy of their throws without the benefit of the receiver making a remarkable catch. The buckets are unforgiving, meaning, they just sit there, so your players either hit them or they don’t. And while this might sound harsh or difficult, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your players will make adjustments to enable them to hit the buckets and help their team.

You can either play to a certain point total – say, first team to 12 wins. Or, you can play through each line twice and the line with the most points wins.

NOTE – one thing I like to do to encourage teamwork and verbal support, is to give an additional +4 BONUS POINTS for the line (or team) cheering the loudest throughout the drill.

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