A Simple Way to Manage Worry

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Worry destroys some players, so discover how to turn it on its head.

While its natural to worry, it sure isn’t helpful. Find a simple way to un-worry.

I coach pitchers, and as worriers go, they usually lead the pack. Worry is a common emotion among today’s players and yet it’s an emotion that simply creates more of itself. The more you worry, the more freaked-out you get, so the more you worry. It’s something we all do, and yet it’s not helpful at all.

Worry is a dangerous emotion for players because it freezes them in a negative place and sidetracks them from creating a solution.

Recently I was talking to a pitcher who told me she was worried about her pitching. When I asked her what she was worried about, she said her riseball getting hit. I suggested we reframe the conversation. Instead of “worrying” about the riseball, tell me what 3 things are you working on to make your riseball move more. She told me keeping a firm front side, getting under the ball, and twisting up the front.

After telling me the 3 things she was working on the improve her riseball her entire attitude changed. She became enthusiastic where before she was bummed out. She stood up straighter where before she had slumped shoulders. And finally, she was ready to go throw her riseball instead of afraid it was going to get hit.

Worry is a killer. But reframing what you’re worried about and turning it into what you’re working on makes all the difference. Turn your Worry into Work, and watch things change!!

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