7 Levels of Excellence

Softball Excellence has an exciting 7 Level Coaching Certification program that is the first of it’s kind for Softball! No other softball organization in the country can claim a comprehensive 7 Level program that educates coaches in 9 different skill areas through 7 levels of learning!

No matter how new you are to softball coaching, or how much of a veteran you are, there’s some great information packed within one of these 7 Levels just waiting for you to discover! Travel through the 9 Skills of:
  1. Communication
  2. Throwing
  3. Fielding (Infield & Outfield)
  4. Hitting
  5. Bunting & Baserunning
  6. Pitching
  7. Catching
  8. Strategy
  9. Practice
You can advance through the 7 Levels at your own pace picking your own starting point based on your coaching experience. Each Level is delivered online, is approximately 60 minutes in length, each comes complete with a 25+ page detailed handout that you can download and printout to use for notes and each level is followed by a 30 question on-line test. As the levels get higher the information presented gets more advanced as our goal is to help coaches continue to learn as they get more experienced and their players develop better skills. A look at the different skills shows what types of great information, tips and secrets that coaches can expect to learn by being a part of this ground-breaking Softball Excellence Coaches Certification Program! Be a part of this first-ever 7 Level Coaching Certification Program by checking out your Level today. What Level should you pick? Well that’s all up to you based on your experience and knowledge!! and don’t forget, you can always take more than one! Fastpitch Softball Coaching comprehensive 7 Level certification program that educates coaches in 9 different skill areas

(Download a printable version of the above Softball Excellence Certification Topic Matrix)

Keep improving with your players through SE’s Brand New 7 Level Coaches Certification Program:

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  1. Cindy Bristow

    Yes Mike, Our 7 level coaching education program is not only still available at the link below, it’s one of the most comprehensive programs on the market. We cover 11 different skills in every one of the 7 different levels – from beginning to advanced.
    Link to the program:
    Link to what’s in the program:


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