5 Lessons About Learning from the Experts

Have you dreamed of being a college coach? Maybe you think you’ve got what it takes and that you could do it. Here are 5 Lessons from some of the country’s top pitching coaches.

Mike White University of Oregon 2016 Pitching Summit College Coach Stephanie VanBrakle University of Alabama 2016 Pitching Summit College Coach Beth Torina LSU 2016 Pitching Summit College Coach Beverly Smith South Carolina 2016 Pitching Summit College Coach Rhonda Revelle University of Nebraska 2016 Pitching Summit College Coach

Caring about your players means you’re constantly improving yourself, but it also means you care about helping other coaches help their players. Discover 5 Lessons about Learning from our Pitching Summit speakers.

Our second annual Pitching Summit is just around the corner so I’m spending a great deal of time talking with the speakers – who are among the best pitching coaches in the college game. These 5 coaches – Beth Torina, LSU; Mike White, Oregon; Beverly Smith, South Carolina; Stephanie VanBrakle, Alabama & Rhonda Revelle, Nebraska are each recognized as extremely accomplished so their tremendous amount of preparation gives us all some very valuable lessons:

  1. They REALLY Prepare – These coaches are all busy working to keep their respective program near the top of the college softball heap, and yet each one is taking a tremendous amount of time preparing for one, 55-minute talk. They each know enough to dial it in and spend their entire session telling stories without giving much meat. And yet they’re taking the complete opposite approach and spending lots of their valuable time to come up with very specific details, videos & examples to better teach their competitors their specific topic.
  2. They Care Deeply About Reaching Their Audience – Keep in mind that these speakers will be talking to an audience of their competitors, and yet each of them continue to ask me if I’m sure their content will really be what the coaches want to know. When was the last time you were so secure about your coaching that you could teach your competitor what you were doing? It’s remarkable how deeply they care about reaching their audience.
  3. They Love Sharing – These 5 coaches speak at lots of clinics throughout the year because they love sharing. They don’t really have the time, although they make it. And whatever they get paid to speak in no way makes up for the time they spend preparing, getting to and from the clinic. And yet they continue to make time to help other coaches get better! Some people are information grabbers, while others are information sharers. We’re fortunate to have 5 world class information sharers!
  4. They Accept Challenges – In every case, I’ve given these five speakers topics that they’ve never spoken on before. Challenging topics in some cases, and completely new topics in others – and yet they’ve each accepted the challenge. While these topics might be new to them the subject isn’t, so they realize that a new topic makes them explore their own thoughts more deeply which simply means that while they’re sharing information, they’re also learning it as well. Stepping up and accepting a challenge is what competitors do, and all 5 of these speakers are definitely competitors.
  5. They Aren’t Afraid to Ask for Help – I don’t think most people would imagine that any of these 5 coaches would need help, never mind ask for it. We all need help from time to time and none of these speakers have hesitated to come to me when they needed help. Maybe they needed more clarity, or a different perspective, or simply verification they were on the right track – whatever the reason, they haven’t been afraid to ask for help and it’s a lesson in humility we all learn from.

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