5 Drills Guaranteed to Improve Your Bunting

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Bunting is super important in close games and yet super boring to practice. Learn my 5 favorite bunting drills guaranteed to help your team!

As championship play rolls around for many of you now is the time to really zoom in on those bunting skills. Using these 5 drills will give your team the edge it needs!

Here are 3 great Bunting Drills that are available as eDrills that will make it much easier to practice proper Bunting technique:

In addition, your players have to be able to bunt under pressure which means you’ve got to have some competitive bunting drills up your sleeve. Don’t sweat it – we’ve got you covered with 2 of my favorites!

  • Bunts for Swings – most of us practice bunting by having our hitters bunt the first 5 pitches before they take batting practice. Well it’s a good idea but nothing about it forces the hitter to make those 5 bunts good. So let’s change that with this slight adjustment. Before your players get ANY cuts during batting practice (on the field or in a batting cage) they must first bunt the first 5 pitches – and for every bunt that is on the ground and fair, they get 3 swings. So for 5 good bunts the hitter could get 15 swings, or as few as 0 swings for 0 good bunts! They earn their swings based on the number of good bunts they had. I Love this drill!
  • Bunt Challenge – this drill can happen at any point during your practice and is something that any player starts by simply yelling out, “Bunt Challenge!” At that point practice stops and the player that called for the challenge calls out who she is challenging. It’s then a one pitch bunt off while the entire team stops practice to gather around the challenge and take sides. Players must choose which bunter they think will win the 1 pitch bunt-off which means teammates must actually move over by that player and cheer their support for her during the competition. The 2 players then bunt their one pitch which must be on the ground, and fair and if they’re advanced players, it needs to also be to a specific location (or closest to it wins). The winning bunter and winning team members get to choose the penalty for the losing bunter and team from a list of options (situps, pushups, planks, medi ball sprints).

For more great drills covering all skills check out our eDrills.

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