The 4 Other Take-Aways of Championship Teams

Championship Teams WCWS Oklahoma 4 Take Aways

You knew I was going to write about this year’s Women’s College World Series, but instead of predicting who I think will win, I wanted to give you my 4 Other Take-Aways of Championship Teams.

Why call them the “other” take-aways, and what are they exactly? Read on to discover what makes softball teams win, other than the obvious.

OK, let’s state this right off the bat – great pitching and timely hitting win championships. Of course, nobody ever wins with lousy pitching and spotty hitting. But after watching almost every inning of every game in the Regionals, Super Regionals & WCWS I’ve come up with a more detailed list of 4 “Other” Take-Aways that make up championship teams.

These 4 things, on their own might seem OK, but none are so remarkable that they’ll make you think “wow, because of that they’re going to win it all!”. And yet collectively, each of these have a cumulative power that creates a force of its own.

These 4 things allow an LSU to hang on by its fingernails in Tallahassee and beat the #4 ranked Florida State. Or a Baylor team to not only beat an incredible Megan Good from James Madison, but the following weekend go into Tucson and beat the #2 team in the country! Or an Ole Miss to win the SEC tournament and advance to a Super Regionals. And, it’s why Oklahoma could somehow survive its incredibly tough Super Regional or a Washington to eventually eliminate a tremendous Utah team.

Sure, every team in OKC has extremely tough pitching and great hitters. But those are obvious. Those things are easy to point out and then dismiss as why they’re different than you, or why your team can’t play like that. But for every great pitcher who helped her team get to Oklahoma City, there’s another one who might still be crying from disappointment at not making it there. We can always work on our hitting and pitching, but in the meantime, here are 4 “other” things that you can focus on that will REALLY help improve your team:

  1. Incredible Defense – True, the pitcher is technically part of your defense, but go deeper than that, and assume the ball is going to be hit, often and hard. Now how good are you? All of these teams had incredible play from their defense. They had outfielders diving for balls, both fair and foul. They had infielders making throws on the run, diving stops, diving stop tosses and they made double plays look routine. Think about how good every pitcher was in the WCWS and yet balls were being rocked all over the ballpark! So no matter how strong, or weak your pitching is, become obsessed with improving your defensive play.
  2.   Championship Teams WCWS Oklahoma 4  Defense Defensive Take Aways

    Defensive play takes time, it takes planning, it takes commitment and it takes emphasis. You can’t hit easy groundballs to your infield every practice for 3 months and then expect them to layout and make the  play of their life with your season on the line. Those kind of plays come with diligence and belief – your diligence in constantly stretching their defensive skills and their increased belief in those skills. Oregon might have beaten Washington in the bottom of the 7th in Game 3 of the WCWS if Ali Aguilar doesn’t dive up the middle, make an incredible stop, and an even more incredible glove toss to force the runner out at 2nd base. And while the pitch was incredible at 69 mph, the defense was even more incredible!

  1. Tremendous Baserunning – How many 1 run games were there between all the Regionals, Super Regionals and WCWS games? 60 feet between moving on and elimination, or staying in the winner’s bracket and dropping down into something only 2 teams have managed to fight back from in 30 years! Tremendous baserunning doesn’t require great speed, but it does demand you know where the ball is at all times, that you take the fastest route, and that you’re always expecting to keep going. And while coaches can determine whether a runner stops at 3rd or keeps going home to try and score, it’s the baserunner herself that determines whether she was able to get to 3rd or not. Teach your runners to be their own base coach. To know what to look for, to see the signs that they can take the next base, and then give them the freedom & courage to take it!
  1. Heads Up Plays – Heads up means awareness of the next play,or of the entire field, of the unexpected. Heads up plays are usually boiled down to this – extreme awareness. Not assuming a running will just stop at a base because most of them do, but instead, being ready in case this runner decides to break to the next base. Noticing that your starting pitcher is slowly wearing down so you’re already out warming up before the coach tells you to do so. In the Super Regionals Baylor had a go-ahead run called out when an Arizona player in the dugout noticed the runner missed 3rd. Heads up plays aren’t the sole property of the starting lineup. Anybody on the team at any time can have “extreme awareness” and either help put their team back in the ball game, or else help propel them to victory!
  1. Calm & Constant Belief – While I know it’s super important to keep your calm in order to help others around you stay calm, doing so as you watch your team fall apart has to be one of the toughest things to do. And yet every single coach in the WCWS saw their team struggle with bad calls, poor plays or botched innings and yet they stayed supportive & didn’t visually show their disappointment! Every teammate who wasn’t good enough, healthy enough or able enough to be in the starting lineup was slammed up against the fence cheering and supporting their teammates who were. It’s easy to lose your patience as a coach, or to get jealous as a player, but easy isn’t what makes you a championship team. It’s doing the hard, the really hard over and over and better than anybody else – that’s where championships come from. Keeping a calm front and a constant belief in your team’s ability is a must for every member of your team. And the proof of just how difficult this is is how much we admire it every time we see it. So next time, BE it instead of just seeing it!

It’s an incredible feat for a group of individuals to come together and unite through a sport they love, that asks so much. For this group effort to rise to Championship levels, lots of factors are at play; Luck plays a part, as does momentum and sometimes things beyond your effort and control. But when a group of individuals can pull together and sacrifice all they have for the good of the team, and withstand the long, hard rigors that the softball season throws at you – when you can do that and come out the other end – then win or lose, you’re a champion!

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  1. Thomas Davis

    Due to the amount of TV coverage this year, it seems more challenging for teams to prepare for each game, all the opponents had much information to use for preparation. Coach Gasso mixed modern communication with traditional signs. All the teams were well scouted and well prepared, resulting in many close games throughout the entire post season.
    TV also featured many stories, the inspirational leadership that brought Ole Miss to the Super Regionals. Texas A&M’s pitcher and her teammates who honored her father; and Coach Gasso, who maintained her focus in support of her OU team, just to see all of her emotions come to bear once the championship was won. It was very humbling to see things in perspective, that this is such a wonderful sport for all the women and coaches on the field.
    It is such a reflection of the great work that each of these programs have done for this latest generation of college athletes; they represent our nations’ future; on the field, in the classroom, and at their homes with their families. What a special accomplishment for each of the Softball programs to compete at this level and to win games yet, it is just a game. There is so much more in this life.
    NCAA softball programs have done a wonderful job for this sport, as well as many other coaching resources (NFCA, Softball Excellence, USA Softball, etc.) I feel confident that all of the non-college Softball programs national-wide will continue to benefit greatly.
    “…if your dream doesn’t scare you, it’s too small.” – Mark Batterson

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