3 Ways Your Infielders Can Play Like the Pros

If you watched the recent World Series, then you saw some of the best infielders in the world. Check out the 3 things ALL great infielders do that help make them great.

No matter what kind of athletes you have on your defense, you can make them all better by mastering these 3 simple fielding tips.

Watching the Cubs second baseman, Javier Baez and the Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor in the recent World Series was a special treat! These 2 guys are among the best in the world at what they do and they made amazing play after play throughout the playoffs.

While it’d be great to have such tremendous ballplayers on your infield, we aren’t usually that lucky. But, take heart, your players CAN do the same 3 things these two great ballplayers do, and fortunately, they aren’t complicated.

3 Ways to have All-Pro Infielders:

  1. Get BIG – If you watched any of the World Series replays, you saw both Baez and Lindor open their gloves up Wide. This means they’re opening their hand up inside their glove and giving the ball lots of room to get inside. Keep in mind a softball is larger than a baseball so softball players need to open their gloves up REALLY WIDE. If you look at the pictures below of outstanding college softball fielders, you’ll see every one of them has their glove opened nice and BIG!
  1. Get LOW – When possible, keep your hips below the ball. This allows your body to stay under control to ensure a better throw, and helps you be in better position to react if the ball decides to do something crazy. Again, you can see most of the players below doing their best to keep their hips below the ball as they field it!
  1. Get EARLY – Get the Glove Open and get it Down Early. Notice the player below on the far right, her glove is BIG, her hips are below the ball and she’s ready to field the ball – and it’s not even in the picture yet. Balls travel super-fast and great fielders move their glove into position early so they don’t get beat by the ball.
3 three fielding keys infielders big low early play pros

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