Offensive Strategy – 3 Tips to Win More Games

offensive strategy tip score runs 1st 3 to 4 rule outs matter

Are you looking for some great offensive strategy tips?

Here are 3 sure fire things you can do on offense to make better decisions and help your team win more games!

With games now underway, are you struggling to score runs, or wondering what things you can do as a coach to help put your team in better position to win? We seem to spend all of our practices working on improving our players’ skills, and while they matter a WHOLE lot, our own coaching skills are important as well.

During games, when you’re in the 3rd base coaching box and wondering things like – “should I Hit and Run now?”, “am I crazy to bunt this hitter?”, “what if we don’t move this runner over?”- just know you’re not alone. Even the best coaches doubt themselves at times. All of our choices are based on things like probability, likelihood, execution, hunches, timing, and don’t forget luck. You’ll notice that nowhere on that list was the word certainty. Coaching strategy is not based on certainty, you’ve got to consider all the options available to you and then choose the best one. It still comes down to who executes the best – your team or theirs.

With that said let’s look at 3 Offensive Coaching Strategy Tips that can help you figure out just what to do in those tough situations:

  1. Outs Matter!! Know the 3 to 4 Rule! – Basically this means that YOU have 3 outs to get around 4 bases, so don’t give away outs unless there is no other way to advance a base! Outs matter and are your most important friend on offense, so don’t just give them up easily.  In reality, you don’t really have 3 outs to use on offense you really only have 2, since the inning’s over on the 3rd out. So when thinking about whether or not to give up one of your crucial outs by calling for a bunt, you’ve got to decide if that’s THE BEST way to move the runner 60 feet. Sometimes your batter can hit the pitcher and possibly move the runner 2 bases, so bunting isn’t always necessary.
  2. Score 1st!! – It takes 2 runs to beat 1 so always try and score first! This is easiest to do in the 1st inning since you have your players set up just like you want in your batting order. If nothing else, create your batting order to get you at least 1 run in the 1st inning!
  3. Score as Much as You Can Whenever You Can! – In 65% of games the winning team scores more runs in one inning than the losing team scores the entire Game! So when you get runners on base try and score as many runs as you can instead of one run at a time!

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