Changing 4 Words Can Change Your Life

it's not my fault 4 words change life
it's not my fault 4 words change life

If you knew you were saying 4 words that kept having a negative impact on your life, would you stop saying them? Of course you would.

You might be surprised to discover what those 4 words are.

Words have meanings, and more importantly, words create thoughts and thoughts create our reality. If you want to change your current reality, then you’ll want to stop saying 4 simple words!

If you’ve read this far, you’re someone who wants to do and say the right thing. You’re probably a person who works hard, does their best, yet sometimes gets frustrated with the outcome.

Getting frustrated is part of life, especially when it comes to sports. How you respond to frustration makes all the difference in the world, and if you’re someone who wants to be a leader and have a greater impact on how things turn out in your life then you’ll need to make a word-change.

The 4 words you need to change are:

  1. It’s
  2. Not
  3. My
  4. Fault

Right now, it’s SUPER popular for people to say these 4 words, but popular doesn’t make them powerful! “It’s not my fault”. As in “I pitched good, it’s not my fault we lost”. Or “I did what I was supposed to do; it’s not my fault that things didn’t get done” (whatever it is).

“It’s Not My Fault” is the most toxic thing you can say! It contaminates your brain, tells people that you don’t have the skills to control the outcome, and worse yet, lets people know you aren’t a team player!  Fault is something that happens after-the-fact. It’s like blame – it’s passed around when everything is over, like a bad trophy. Fault is negative and toxic and doesn’t do anything to help solve the problem, it just makes one person feel better (the one who doesn’t think it’s her fault), while making another person feel worse (whoever’s fault it was).

Instead of worrying about “Fault”, replace that word with “Responsibility” – as in it is MY Responsibility to pitch good, or do my homework, or field my position. You see, RESPONSIBILITY happens Before and FAULT happens After.  To be Responsible to field your position means you have to make sure you warmup right, that you focus on the hitter, that you start the right distance from the hitter, that you know the situation…these are all things you do BEFORE the play. These are all things that will make you better – and Responsible to yourself, to your team, and to your skill!

Fault is toxic, it’s sick and it’s small. Responsibility is healthy, it’s powerful and it’s HUGE!

Become responsible for things before they happen and watch how your life changes – for the good!

For more help being responsible, keep a Journal writing down things you did each day that not only showed you how responsible you were, but showed your family, friends and teammates!

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