8 Reasons to Make a Trip to the Mound

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8 reasons trip mound coach pitcher team

While we often make a trip out to the mound to talk to our pitcher, that’s only one of the reasons why you should be making that trip.

Do you know the other 7?

Knowing when to go out to the mound is one of the toughest things about coaching. Going out too late can result in a loss, but going out too early can also hurt you. Have you ever gone to the mound as an emotional reaction, and then when you really need to go out and talk to your pitcher or team you can’t without having to change your pitcher. So the key is being judicious in knowing when to take a trip to the mound.

Check out the 8 reasons why (and when) you should make a trip out to the pitcher’s mound:

  1. To stop the opponents momentum
  2. To stall while your relief pitcher warms up
  3. To break up your own team’s poor play
  4. You’ve noticed a problem your pitcher is having
  5. To determine if your pitcher is hurt
  6. To discuss how to pitch to the next hitter/hitters
  7. To discuss with your defense how to play the next defensive situation
  8. To calm down your pitcher

For more help with pitching check out these great resources:

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