2021 Virtual Pitching Summit Recap

2021 Virtual Pitching Summit Fernandez Brown Morris UCLA James Madison Longwood
2021 Virtual Pitching Summit Fernandez Brown Morris UCLA James Madison Longwood

If you missed the 2021 Virtual Pitching Summit, you’re in luck. Here’s your quick recap as well as the ability to watch the recorded version!

This year’s Pitching Summit was our 7th annual – which seems unreal! And while it was virtual this year due to the surge in COVID, it was packed with great speakers sharing great information. So, let’s get right to it.

All three of our amazing speakers gave tons of great information. While there are too many highlights to cover in this article (that’s why you’ll want to order the 2021 Virtual Pitching Summit Package when it goes on sale soon), here are a couple key take-aways from each speaker:

MEGAN BROWN, LONGWOOD“Becoming a Master Craftsman – Teaching Pitchers to Master & Fully Utilize Their Tools, Talents, Skills & Abilities”

  • Point: When pitchers first come to your program, make sure you do something with them fairly quickly that provides a positive, successful outcome.
  • Application: Pitchers are used to the knowledge of their pitching coaches and tie their successes to this point to those coaches. They need some of their success tied to you and what you teach at your school.
  • Point: Help your pitchers design strikeouts by using the following pitch types:
    • Openers – pitches you throw for a called strike
    • Middles – pitches you throw to get a foul ball
    • Kill Shots – pitches you throw for a swing and miss
  • Application: This is an incredibly simple and effective way to help you and your pitchers navigate all the different pitches they think they have. Instead of getting in a battle with them over your belief they need to eliminate some pitches and their belief that every one of their pitches is great, this simple recipe will solve that by throwing Openers for called strikes (which will not be every single pitch each pitcher has). The Middles will start more in the zone and break away from the zone to induce foul balls, and the Kill shots will start in the zone and break out of the zone for swing and miss. Not all pitches are in all categories.

LIBBY MORRIS, JAMES MADISON“A Storybook Season – Navigating Bullpens, Personalities and Championships”

  • Point: “Working while you wait.”
  • Application: From Jailyn Ford, to Megan Good, to Odicci Alexander, each JMU All-American pitcher worked at getting better while they sat and waited behind the current #1 pitcher. They found teachable moments and “worked” at becoming the #1. They sat right next to the pitch caller, and learned what it takes to be the #1 pitcher. Megan waited while Jailyn Ford was #1, and Odicci waited while Megan was #1.
  • Point: Cooperative, self-designed bullpens.
  • Application: Libby has her pitchers call pitches for each other during scrimmages to help them think through what it’s like to call pitches. Then, they have to explain their reason for calling certain pitches. Libby also has each pitcher create her own bullpen workout one day a week, where they have to come in and detail the “what” and the “why” before the workout.

LISA FERNANDEZ, UCLA“Mental and Physical Toughness to Prepare to Be Your Best When Your Best is Needed”

  • Point: Mental toughness is earned and owned through physical conditioning and commitment.
  • Application: Lisa wants to get her pitchers to a point where they’ve done too much work to give in. Where the physical regime each has put themselves through gives them the right to win! While it might sound simple, it’s the key to unlocking their mental fearlessness – the permission to be fearless – and the knowledge that physically, they have what it takes to do the job.
  • Point: Challenge through the Zone
  • Application: Lisa teaches her pitchers to be aggressive! To not be afraid to throw through the strike zone to get the result they need…pop up, ground ball, jammed hitter…the zone is their friend, and not the enemy to be feared.

Trust me, there were TONS more points from each of these three great coaches, so to hear it all for yourself, check out the 2021 Virtual Pitching Summit Packageon sale now!

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