5 Things You Should Know About Bunting

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Laying down a bunt can win you games, just like not being able to execute a bunt can lose you games.

Discover 5 things you should know about bunting so that your players can execute a bunt the next time the game is on the line.

While these tips aren’t meant to be the complete fundamentals for each of these different bunts, they’ll serve as quick keys to help your bunters better execute each type of bunt.

  1. Sacrifice Bunt – Keep both elbows down as some players will flare out their elbows causing pop ups.
  2. Sacrifice Bunt – if using the angled bat, make sure the bat is angled up and forward to ensure a bunt in fair territory (and no more than a 45 degree angle).
  3. Squeeze Bunt – The bunter must be quicker getting into the bunting position (which is the sac bunt position) since the bunter is turning later.
  4. Push Bunt – Get your hands a little closer to your body than other bunts to let you push out with both hands.
  5. Push Bunt – Grip a little tighter at contact.

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  1. Lots of discussion/debate on what is the best position for the bat when bunting in general….main question …should the bat be angled or level/parallel with the ground????……I just read your article on 5 things to know about bunting…and you stated for sacrifice bunting, use angled bat at no more than 45 degrees!!!….but as stated above, the real question for overall bunting…..angled or parallel for best results????

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