9 Things You Must Know Before Holding Tryouts

player team tryouts evaluate pick skill abilities 5 keys success
player team tryouts evaluate pick skill abilities 9 key elements

Many of you may have had a shortened summer season, but now may be able to play a fall season. If so, that means it’s probably time for player tryouts.

Holding a great team tryout is critical to having a great team and a successful season, so do you know the 9 key elements for holding a great tryout?

The 9 key elements to making sure your tryouts go off without a hitch so you can find the players that best fit your team are:

  1. Know What You’re Looking For
  2. Know How to Handle Your Time
  3. Know Who to Pick
  4. Know How to Pick
  5. Know How to Evaluate
  6. Know What Skills to Look For
  7. Know What to Have Everyone Do
  8. Know How to Announce Your Team
  9. Know How to Answer the Questions

Before holding tryouts you should know the following:

  • How long will your tryouts last?
    • 1 day for a few hours?
    • 1 day for 5 hours?
    • An entire weekend?
    • A series of weekends?
  • What level of players are you picking?
    • Only the ones that are currently good enough?
    • A bunch of project players that “might” be good one day?
    • Only players that will realistically play?
    • Lots of players just in case?
  • Which skills & abilities will matter most?
    • What about the player that fields great but can’t hit?
    • How important is bunting?
    • How will you find out their game sense vs their skill abilities?
    • Lots of players just in case?

These are just a few of the things you should know when you plan your team tryouts. Tryouts can’t just be another practice session since you probably have only one shot at finding out some very important things about a lot of players.

To help you not only get through your next team tryout, but to help you hold a great tryout, we have an eClinic on this exact topic – Everything You Need To Know About Holding a Great Tryout. This on-line clinic will give you all the questions you should be asking, along with all the answers you should know, in order to make sure that your next team tryout is a huge success for everyone involved!

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